Bed & Breakfast

only at Mikocheni B

Formerly CEFA Hostel

Taste of Mexico Bed & Breakfast is in the CEFA building which is a blend of Italian and Swahili architecture. CEFA is an Italian Development Project  in Mikocheni B that was set up for travelers looking for affordable and covenient accomodation.

The CEFA project also offers guests an opportunity to learn about disability and underprivileged development activities in Tanzania. This includes a shop where they sell crafts as well as an outlet for CEFA projects such as their cheese from the Njombe Milk Factory.

why stay with us?

Let’s face it…Dar is expensive. And whether you’re looking for a weekend getaway or coming for a few days of work; staying at Taste of Mexico saves up funds for shopping and excursions.

Location-wise you can’t go wrong: 10m from the northern beach hotels,  5 minutes from Shoppers Mikocheni and Shoppers Mbezi, 10 minutes to Mlimani city and also 10 minutes to the peninsula. Everything is within reach. Factor in tasty authentic Mexican food and a great bar upstairs  and it is plain convenient.

what is included?

en suite private bathrooms

Each of our 14 rooms has a private bathroom with toilet, bidet and hot water shower.

Air Conditioning

Dar can get incredibly hot and humid. All of our rooms have ceiling fans and split unit airconditioning.

Free Wi-fi

We offer free Wifi to all visitors.

Breakfast included

Enjoy a wholesome breakfast in our downstairs dining area.

Rooms & Rates